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Aliens 8.4
Aliens When Ripley's lifepod is found by a salvage crew over 50 years later, she finds that terra-formers are on the very planet they found the alien species. When the company sends a family of colonists out to investigate her story, all contact is lost with the planet and colonists. They enlist Ripley and the colonial marines to return and search ...
IMDB: 8.4/10 513,350 votes


Castle in the Sky (1986) 8.1
Castle in the Sky (1986) The orphan Sheeta inherited a mysterious crystal that links her to the mythical sky-kingdom of Laputa. With the help of resourceful Pazu and a rollicking band of sky pirates, she makes her way to the ruins of the once-great civilization. Sheeta and Pazu must outwit the evil Muska, who plans to use Laputa's science to make himself ruler of the ...
IMDB: 8.1/10 102,661 votes

Castle in the Sky (1986)

Pirates (1986) 6.1
Pirates (1986) Captain Red runs a hardy pirate ship with the able assistance of Frog, a dashing young French sailor. One day Capt. Red is captured and taken aboard a Spanish galleon, but thanks to his inventiveness, he raises the crew to mutiny, takes over the ship, and kidnaps the niece of the governor of Maracaibo. The question is, can he keep ...
IMDB: 6.1/10 6,138 votes

Pirates (1986)

Psycho III (1986) 5.3
Psycho III (1986) Norman Bates is still running his little motel, and he has kept the dressed skeleton he calls mother. One of his guests is a young girl who has left the convent where she lived. To get some help he employs a young man. One day a nosey journalist comes to see him to ask questions about his past.
IMDB: 5.3/10 9,300 votes

Psycho III (1986)

Maximum Overdrive (1986) 5.4
Maximum Overdrive (1986) When a comet passes close to the earth, machines all over the world come alive and go on homicidal rampages. A group of people at a desolate truck stop are held hostage by a gang of homicidal 18-wheelers. The frightened people set out to defeat the killer machines ... or be killed by them.
IMDB: 5.4/10 22,712 votes

Maximum Overdrive (1986)

F/X (1986) 6.6
F/X (1986) A movies special effects man is hired by a government agency to help stage the assassination of a well known gangster. When the agency double crosses him, he uses his special effects to trap the gangster and the corrupt agents.
IMDB: 6.6/10 12383 votes

F/X (1986)

Witchboard (1986) 5.7
Witchboard (1986) At a party, a guest brings out a Ouija board, and they attempt to contact a spirit he knows. The spirit does appear, but it becomes apparent to the one who brought the Ouija board that this is an evil spirit that is impersonating his spirit, and despite warnings not to use the board alone, a woman uses it alone, ...
IMDB: 5.7/10 3742 votes

Witchboard (1986)

Biggles (1986) 5.8
Biggles (1986) One minute the New Yorker advertising expert Jim Ferguson is at a business party -- the next he finds himself way back in 1917 in a plane fight during World War I. Mr. Raymond explains to him that he has a time-twin, to whom he's relocated in space and time whenever one of them is in trouble. So he has ...
IMDB: 5.8/10 1878 votes

Biggles (1986)