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Belinda McClory

Turkey Shoot (2014) 5.5
Turkey Shoot (2014) In the wake of a shocking civilian massacre in a foreign war zone, disgraced Navy SEAL Rick Tyler is sentenced to rot in a maximum security military prison until he is offered the opportunity to put his life on the line to win his freedom. A one-man force of nature, Tyler will have to take-on and take-down some of the ...
IMDB: 5.5/10 38 votes

Turkey Shoot (2014)

Hospital Massacre (1981) 5.0
Hospital Massacre (1981) Divorcee Susan Jeremy goes to a local Los Angeles county hospital for a routine exam and finds herself stranded there while a maniac, dressed in a doctor's surgical mask and clothing, goes around killing all the staff are associated with her. Could it possibly be the psycho Harold, who killed a friend of Susan's on Valentine's Day 19 years earlier?
IMDB: 5.0/10 612 votes

Hospital Massacre (1981)